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USPTA professionals have job titles including general manager, director of tennis, assistant professional and coach. They direct tennis businesses, develop tennis programming, oversee tennis operations, teach lessons and coach individual players and teams. They perform their jobs at all types of facilities, such as private and commercial clubs, public tennis centers and parks, colleges and schools.


USPTA members also work as pro shop owners, manufacturers, manufacturer representatives, club managers and association executives. Other members use their tennis backgrounds to work as sport psychologists, nutrition experts, television executives and more.


The following is a list of common job titles and responsibilities for USPTA members based on their certification ratings or status. These descriptions do not reflect all possible variances to customary jobs for USPTA professionals.


Job titles

Job responsibilities

Professional rating

Club manager, director of tennis, head tennis professional

All Elite Professional responsibilities, plus club management

Master Professional (Must achieve tested rating of Elite Professional, plus have remarkable achievements in teaching, playing, industry service and education.)

Director of tennis, head tennis professional

Direct tennis programs, develop lesson programs, manage pro shops and tennis facility operations, direct activities, handle administrative duties, such as hiring, developing budgets, directing communications, serving as integral part of professional management team

Elite Professional (highest tested rating)

Head tennis professional, associate professional, assistant professional

Organize and implement tennis programs, assist with and develop competitive players, assist with and/or direct pro shop management, facility maintenance, conduct private and group lessons, assist with tennis programs


High school coach, part-time teacher/coach

Assist full-time staff with camps, group lessons and other grassroots programming

Recreational Coaches (nontested)