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USPTA professionals enjoy some of the most successful careers in tennis. Members are recognized for their achievements not only in the business of tennis, but also in their gifts to charity, their volunteer efforts and in their commitment to players and the overall growth of tennis.

I always wanted to be a tennis pro. Twenty years ago, as a high school kid with a part-time job of maintaining clay courts at a club in Virginia, I could look around and see that all the best area pros were USPTA-certified. This gave me direction as I moved into teaching the game, and demanded a level of professionalism that I strive to meet 20 years later as director of tennis at Timberhill Tennis Club. USPTA has given me the standard to uphold and tools to excel in sharing the lifetime sport of tennis with the current and next generation of players.

Hunter Lipscomb
Director of Tennis
Timberhill Tennis Club

I've watched many teaching professionals stay in their own backyard. I've watched as talented teachers fail to reach their potential because they didn't want to seek higher authority. Well, when I became a teaching professional, I wanted to leave Kansas and visit the land of Oz so to speak and experience another world. I joined the USPTA in 1996 and my journey from teaching professional to director of tennis to president of the USPTA Eastern Division could not have happened without the wonderful mentors and friends of the USPTA. If you want to be associated with the No.1 teaching organization, by all means, think USPTA!

Mark Savage
USPTA Member

After being a tennis professional for several years, I felt that if I wanted to grow and be successful, I needed direction. The best move I ever made was to become a part of the USPTA! Everything about it made sense then and makes even more sense today. The educational opportunities and networking with industry leaders has provided me with outstanding role models and a clear career pathway to success. The USPTA has inspired me to reach my personal goals as well as positively influence thousands of people I come in contact with both on and off the court.

Tom Sweitzer
USPTA Master Professional
'08 Alex Gordon Professional of the Year, Hershey, Pa.

Being a teaching professional is a great, yet challenging job. Meeting, helping, teaching, serving, encouraging, advising, listening, motivating, coaching, educating and instructing people, young and old, is our daily job. In addition to receiving all the professional benefits and perks this great Association is offering its members, networking and sharing ideas with your 'family' of 15,000 fellow pros, who face the same challenges every day, is what really makes this membership unique.

Hans Romer
USPTA Ambassador

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